Sunday, May 2, 2010

Reporting in from Erwin, TN.

Mmm. Breakfast at the Diner. The biscuits here are the best I've ever had anywhere.

Downtown Hot Springs.

Ripple with her third giant Mountain Dew of the day.

Lift 'n Step on the firetower.

Most foreboding firetower ever. Note the razorwire.

Town food on the trail. Cause that's the way I roll.

I was told this is a lady slipper. I only have seen one of these, and no one else I showed it to had seen one. It was off the trail and I only stumbled upon it because I was doing other things in the woods.

Here's a question for my dad. How come some of the irises don't have as much yellow as some others? This one has less. The previous iris picture has more.

Sunset on Big Bald.

Part of Big Bald in the morning.

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